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Inkheart  - Anthea Bell, Cornelia Funke I bought Inkheart four years ago and since then it has been a beloved book made by an author that I have grown to love. From the first sentence to the last hurrah, the believable characters, captivating and intricately weaved storyline, and relatable situations caused me to breeze through this book with a delighted expression - not once, but every single time. It could certainly be long-winded (this goes for all of Ms. Funke's books), but as an aspiring writer myself and a reader of many books, I got used to, or perhaps overlooked, this and lapped up the book up. At some times, I merely lived off of one thing until the book picked up again; I really do love Ms. Funke's writing style. It has a magical quality that kept me reading. I've molded my own writing style around it (and other writing styles). When I'm bored or looking to clear my mind, I'll pick up this book, torn edges (and wrinkly bits from late night readings in the tub) and all, and read the first few chapters. I've read these chapters again and again. As I grow older, the love that I have for this book changes and evolves, but I'll never forget it. This review has been written, probably in a bias way, by a person who has a deep love for this book. Inkheart is the first book I have ever gone to so much, the first book I have ever been so attached to, and the book I have ever reread so enthusiastically. I do not merely read this book - I digest it thoroughly every time. And I look forward to doing it again.